A large Minton Parian and Porcelain Cherub Tazza c.1880

A large Minton Parian and Porcelain Cherub Tazza c.1880

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H: 41cm (16.1")

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A fine and large Minton Parian and Porcelain Tazza c.1880. The tazza is made up of a reticulated bowl, spine and a base. The Minton's famous parian porcelain produced this tazza which is smooth and beautifully modelled and is decorated mostly in turquoise and gilt. The top part of the tazza consists of a reticulated and pierced bowl in the form of a woven basket, glazed inside in white with turquoise and gilt on the outside and on the base. The bowl sits on a vine of grapes and its leaf which continues around and rests just above the heads of the cherubs. The stem or spine of the tazza is surrounded by three unglazed white Parian cherubs scantily clad standing on the base representing Spring, Summer and Autumn. The base which features branches of buds stands on three legs turned outwardly but the ends of the legs are curled inwards. This item is unmarked, which is not uncommon for the period, but we know that this tazza was part of a bigger service and most likely the plates or other pieces were marked. 

Condition: Professional restoration to a firing fault to the base. Hairline crack to the interior of the reticulated bowl. Slight tilt to the bowl.